Youth Ministry has its share of joys and sorrows. While we are called to this work, the load can be cumbersome, causing us to lose the brilliance of ministry efficiency. In this segment, you will answer 10 questions that will guide you into self-truth.

Take out a sheet of paper and journal the positive and the negative scopes you are currently facing as a Youth Leader. When you are honest about the negatives and the positives, it reshapes ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY.

If you never admit the negatives in truth, and if you never give credence to the positives, there is no room for growth.

This is a self-evaluation quiz. The answer you choose will be CORRECT. No one is grading you - accept you. Therefore, be honest with yourself and if there are any personal questions that you would like for me address, please feel free to reach out. I am available to assist. We will get through this together.


TK Carter

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