"Avoiding Burn-Out in Youth Ministry" is a course designed to inspire your passion for pouring into the lives of the next generation.

Re-ignite the flames of YOUTH MINISTRY greatness and gain motivation needed to become the best leader in Youth Ministry that you can be.

This course is designed to connect leaders, thinkers and ideas!

Hi, I’m Takeitha!

With 20 years serving in Youth Ministry, I am so excited to have the opportunity to connect with you! Youth Ministry 365 is a place where we bring our experiences to the table to expand youth ministry. I call it the power of collaboration - I need you and you need me. And the young people need us all. Indeed it takes a village to raise a child and we, the leaders, are apart of that village.

We must make the commitment to conquer the tasks of training, leading and developing the next generation of leaders.

As we continue our Youth Ministry Leadership together, I pray that you are inspired to inspire the next generation with passion and the spirit of Excellence!

See you in the classroom!

Let's Get In The Classroom!




Youth Leaders! Where is the fizzle? The passion? The motivation? After so long, you need to know how to light the pilot to inspiration. This course will allow you to gain tools and resources that will not only inspire you, but your teams!

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